Kris Conesa

Kris Conesa, Founder of Resident DJ

Kris Conesa is the Founder and intellectual architect behind Resident DJ, a technology and digital music streaming play into the $6.5 billion electronic dance music space that brings together the very best resident DJs performing at nightclubs and hotels from all around the world and allows users to access these DJs and their work, on demand, from their desktops or mobile devices.

Critically, Resident DJ employs technology that scans each mix to identify each track being played to pay the appropriate royalties to the original artists. This allows for the DJs to legally upload their work and be on mobile platforms via Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.

Conesa is a former entertainment journalist and television producer who also DJs at some of the most recognizable hotspots in Miami. He identified a need for his product when he realized there was no vehicle for dissemination of his favorite DJ’s mixes other than downloading massive files one at a time onto his phone. With Resident DJ, users now have access to thousands of DJs across the globe.