The MIT Enterprise Forum was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1978 when a group of entrepreneurs from MIT began getting together informally to compare and critique each other’s business plans. These meetings proved invaluable for gaining objective feedback and for networking. As the gatherings grew, the group named themselves the MIT Enterprise Forum. Soon word spread about the group’s value, and entrepreneurs in Washington, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, South Florida and other cities asked to form their own chapters of the organization.

The MIT Enterprise Forum operates through an enterprise network of 25 chapters based in the U.S. and overseas. The chapters form around a core group of MIT graduates, but membership and program participation are open to all. A volunteer board of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate executives, university professors and industry leaders runs each chapter.

Motivated by the success of other chapters, and with the assistance and guidance of its parent organization, a group of locally based MIT alumni launched the South Florida Chapter in 2003. Our intention is to create a professional organization that provides high quality educational programs to the technology and business community of the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach area. We expect to distinguish ourselves from other, already existing, professional organizations by offering unique programs not available elsewhere.

We now have a strong infrastructure of more than 20 volunteers who are starting to plan, organize and execute our initial events for the balance of 2013 and through the first half of 2014.

None of our accomplishments would be possible without the support of our sponsors. They represent some of the largest national and international companies, and all have strong reputations for excellence. In addition to their financial contributions, our sponsors play a key role in supporting us as volunteers and through their guidance in program selection and evaluation.



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